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Fabric folds tutorial part 2

The last two brushes in the set are single fold brushes. They look silly when you first use them. That's because I made them very late last night, and I'm too tired today to make new ones. Besides, this forces you to be creative with them, because no one wants this weird bump on their fabric.

I'm going to put this on a flat color and make a latex-looking fabric. I'm really not obsessed with purple. :) This is the single fold shadow brush in black.

I put the single fold highlight brush (in white) right on top of it on the same layer.

Yes, it's ugly. We're about to change that. I used Scale (Edit- Transform- Scale) to stretch it out and flatten it.

Next I set it to overlay.

Looking better already! Now to make it look like an actual fold. I used the Arc option in Warp (Edit- Transform- Warp) and pulled it down to where I wanted it.

And then rotated it to where I wanted it.

Cool, it's actually looking like a sharp, tight wrinkle. Now to add some more. I used scale and rotate on all of these to vary them.

I want my latex to be shinier! I duplicated each wrinkle layer, set it to color dodge, and lowered the opacity until it looked right.

Maybe I don't want latex. Maybe I want spandex. I'll give the whole thing a gaussian blur at 1 pixel.

Or maybe I want to make this a bolt of nice flowy silk. I'll give it a gaussian blur of 3 or 4.

Again, the brushes can be found here. Go play!
Tags: brushes, tutorials
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