Elle (theletterelle) wrote in solitarytree,

.PNGs to make brushes from

Due to popular demand (and way later than I should have done) I made image files of the fabric folds brushes I made for PS. These are freely usable for any reason, as long as no one sells the brushes they make. If I hear of that, I shall be very angry indeed.

1. The single fold brush. I had a highlight brush for this, but I've found it's much easier and more accurate to use this brush, dupe the layer, and invert color to create the highlight.

2. The straight folds shadow brush.

3. The straight folds highlight brush.

4. The flowing folds shadow brush.

5. The flowing folds highlight brush.

6. The sweeping folds shadow brush.

7. The sweeping folds highlight brush.

Please don't ask me how to make brushes out of these images. If you don't know, there are a bajillion tutorials (or your Help file) that'll tell you.

Enjoy! Make pretty things!
Tags: brushes, second life
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